The Warren: Volume 1

by The Warren

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released February 4, 2016

Fire Down Below and She Moved Through The Fair, are both traditional English folk songs. The lyrics to Ezekiel 1 are from exactly where you'd expect. Aside from that, all music and lyrics are courtesy of Gear, chief rabbit of The Warren.




The Warren Olympia, Washington

Heavy space music by evil rabbits from space.

Dig. Listen. Run.

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Track Name: Departing Sona Nyl
The gates of Sona Nyl are wondrous fair
A thousand dreams held close within her walls
A city built on fancy, gems, and thread
Yet stronger still than any earthly fort
As aeons pass between her afternoons
Amidst the beauty, longing starts to grow
It's faint at first, a haunting distant song
Then seagull's cries that shake you from your sleep
Cathuria is calling you to hope

The men of Sona Nyl have all gone mad
A thousand dreams content no more to stay
Locked up within their gleaming cage of gold
The ships at ev'ry angle set to sea
Majestic sails and flags atop their masts
Where do they sail so proud away from home?
Why go they now unbidden on their way?
Why leave the comfort of these walls for death
Which surely is to greet them in the world?
The ones who ask may never understand

The boats from Sona Nyl have gone aground
A thousand dreams run rampant on the shore
A sketch of some forgotten world in sand
A half-form'd song that echoes through the trees
So clear you almost feel it in your bones
The shipwreck fades to memory and tide
But others always come to take its place
No storm has brought them here, no waves or wind
This beach is home, awaiting their return
In sleep, in passing thought, and all at once

Welcome home